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Who Are We ?

OpenERP Community Association Co-FondateurMain Canadian partner of OpenERP, Savoir-faire Linux is a founding member of the OpenERP Community Association (OCA), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the collaborative development of OpenERP features and to promote its adoption.

ERP Solutions

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OpenERP is an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and a great platform for the development of business applications. We use it at Savoir-faire Linux, of course, but it is also used by many organizations of all sizes and in very different sectors, all across the world.

  • Why OpenERP?
    Does spending a lot of time to copy, duplicate and synchronize your data represent a loss of productivity? Do you have needs that are not addressed? Or tight budgets? Learn how OpenERP may help. »»»
  • Why OpenERP with Savoir faire Linux?
    To appoint the best open source software integration service supplier in Canada. As the only company to offer all the services required by an OpenERP implementation, Savoir-faire Linux brings you nearly 70 specialists whose sole objective is your satisfaction. »»»
  • Hosting
    Whether on our infrastructure, yours or in the cloud, depending on your situation, your projects and your requirements, we will advise and assist you to make the best choice. »»»

  • Training
    To ensure the best knowledge transfer and get a real hands-on experience, meet our experts by registering to one of our workshops. »»»

  • Request a demo
    Contact us to get a demo by one of our talented consultants. »»»
  • OpenERP for SOHO
    An affordable solution that finally allows small office/home office owners to enjoy the same tools that large companies use! Save time, streamline your processes, focus on your business and let OpenERP speed up your daily management tasks. »»»
  • OpenERP for SMB
    To develop and manage your business you need a software infrastructure that your company can trust and leverage - an affordable, flexible and scalable  infrastructure that will cope with all the challenges your small or medium business may encounter. »»»
  • OpenERP for large corporations
    Whether for a particular department or for the entire company, your management application needs can sometimes be a source of frustration due to their astronomical costs. OpenERP will certainly make you see things differently. »»»
  • Warranty
    By subscribing to our warranty, you protect your investment and get unlimited access to our experts. »»»



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OpenERP Meetups

In October 2012, Savoir-faire Linux launched the OpenERP Montréal Meetup. One year later, a similar event was launched in Quebec City - the OpenERP Quebec City Meetup. Open to all, these monthly meetings help participants to discover OpenERP, share and extend their knowledge and connect with beginners and experienced users.

OpenERP Montréal MeetupOpenERP Quebec Meetup

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