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Telecom Infrastructure

Nowadays, telecommunication systems are at the heart of the organization's dynamics. And we know that for sure. That's the reason why we put our strong expertise at your service, to design and maximize the strength of your telecommunication networks :

  • Fiber optics internet or inter-site connections, 10 to 1000 Mbps
  • Worldwide Satellite links for IP / Voice / Video transmissions
  • Priorization of first-class data (Quality of Service) over shared links
  • High-availability Telephony and Fax over IP infrastructures
  • dCAP certified Asterisk infrastructures
  • Gateways - Interconnect VoIP networks with ISDN / GSM / Analog networks
  • Integration of your phone systems to your core business activities.
Public Key Infrastructure

A Public Key Infrastructure is the foundation of a trustworthy infrastructure.

Electronic communication permits a significant decrease in the time needed to handle your information , allowing faster reaction times in communication between companies, governments, and the public. Nevertheless, it also results in the development of new risks and new security needs.

The deployment of a Public Key Infrastructure provides solutions to these new needs:

  • strong authentication to create trustworthy relationships with your collaborators, partners and clients ;
  • the management of identities based on digital certificates ;
  • digital signing of all types of information ;
  • protection by encrypting your sensitive data ;
  • the simplification of Web services access with Single Sign-On technology ;
  • protection of your mobile equipement ;
  • identification of your equipment and Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

Savoir-faire Linux relies on the free EJBCA solution to build a strong trustworthy network for your organization. This solution, commonly used around the world for projects with superior needs in security, is the ideal tool for the deployment of a simple and efficient PKI. Savoir-faire Linux's specialists will know how to build an infrastructure according to your needs which will integrate perfectly with your information system as well as your applications.

Internet Access Control

iSAK, Internet Secure Access Kit, is a Web traffic management platform built on free softwares. iSAK is completely Open Source, developed under GPL license and based on the Squid proxy. Squid is a high-performance proxy caching server for web clients, supporting FTP, gopher, and HTTP queries. A lot of Open Source softwares are joined to Squid to add administration, analysis and control features.

The Savoir-Faire Linux iSAK solution centralize and process the Web traffic of a group of users. It filters in real-time and control all Web queries from the internal network to Internet.  Each query is logged and statistics give you an history for each user. iSAK allows you to secure and control your entreprise's Internet access. All the configuration of iSAK is done with a web-based administration console.

Cost-effective, flexible, manageable and complete, iSAK allows you to shield your network's Web traffic without imprisoning your entreprise. For more informations, visit


SFLvault.orgSFLvault is a Networked credentials store and authentication manager. It has a client/vault (server) architecture allowing to cryptographically store and organise loads of passwords for different machines and services.
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