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Enterprise Solutions

More and more public and private organizations are turning to open source software and open technologies to accomplish their critical missions safer, with more control, and at lower cost. Over the years Savoir-faire Linux has become a major player in this field. Our Enterprise Solutions department sets standards in consulting, integration, development and training. We serve many large organizations in Canada and abroad -- both public and private -- and we also address critical needs of SMBs.

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Solutions et offres de services LiferayLiferay Portal for the enterprise satisfies all the needs that a company may have at the collaborative (CMS), documentary (EDM), applicative and directory levels. It allows a granulary user and access rights management, facilitates a variety of application integration into a single portal, and accelerates the development of web applications by providing advanced tools and followinging widespread industrial standards

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Gestion électronique des documents (GED)

La GED est l'un des systèmes de mission critique à l'activité des lignes d'affaires d'entreprise. De plus en plus, les entreprises tentent de s'organiser pour  fournir à leurs employés un point d'accès unique qui permette, en tenant compte des permissions d'accès à l'information spécifiques de chacun, de retrouver l'information dans les systèmes corporatifs existants (base de données client, système de gestion des opérations, messageries, site Web, etc.).

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Business Intelligence Solutions

Our technology choices 



 Tool / Solution

 BI Platform



 ETL tool



 Reporting tool



 OLAP navigation 


 Mondrian OLAP

Talend ETL

Why does my company need this?

Data from a company tend to be dispersed with the use of separate software: spreadsheets, databases, text files and other forms. The ETL tool helps to automate the integration of data from several different sources. It also greatly facilitates batch processing. Don't ask your developers to create scripts (difficult to maintain) for handling tasks and data files, rather opt instead for an ETL software!

Some examples:

Time sheet synchronization from a request tracker.E-mail fetching and attachment data extraction (calc sheet).

Alternative also proposed by Savoir-faire Linux:

Pentaho Data Integration.

BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting Tools)

Modeling and reporting tools.

Why does my company need this?

Each company must maintain correspondence with customers, employees and other agencies. Reporting tools can create models in a simple and intuitive way, and then generate letters and reports. They also provide automation and batch processing. Reuse your templates quickly and efficiently for different use cases (batch printing and / or sending, dashboards, statistics). Do not waste time with inappropriate office software, rather choose a powerful reporting tool!

Some examples:

 Department director's dashboardCustomer letterDetailed contract

Alternatives proposed by Savoir-faire Linux:

JasperReports, Apache FOP.

Mondrian / JPivot (OLAP Cube)

Multi-dimensional data navigation.

Why does my company need this?

Multi-dimensional navigation offers one of the best interfaces for data visualization. Its flexibility allows the user to select dimensions (axes), measures (aggregate values), and explore the data warehouse to obtain an accurate view of a situation. The web interface (JPivot) offers a simple and accessible way for any user to connect to the OLAP cube. An essential tool for any enterprise.

Some examples:

Billing - Telecommunications



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