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BlueMind : Messaging and Social Collaboration

Fiche descriptive BlueMind BlueMind is the next generation Open Source messaging and collaboration platform. Developed in Europe and published under a free software license, this complete email, calendar and collaboration solution is developed with business, government and educational institutions of all sizes in mind. It provides users with a rich, pleasant and contemporary solution. It easily integrates with external systems and applications, such as portals, CRM or directories, and the first-class support provided with its Enterprise version will ensure your peace of mind.

Functional scope

  • Advanced Messaging: alias, responders, redirections, groups, sharing and delegations, filters, multiple identities, etc.
  • Shared Calendars: users, groups, resources, domain calendars, availability search, sharing and delegation, PDF printing, custom views.
  • Contacts: multiple shared/personal address books, contacts and mailing lists.
  • Integrated user status and instant messaging.
  • 100% Web Access - Robust and flexible Web services Technology.
  • Compatibility : Outlook, Thunderbird (email, contacts, calendars) and CalDAV (calendars).
    • Messaging protocols supported: SMTP/POP/IMAP.
    • Native Directory Services: LDAP and (pro version) Microsoft Active Directory.
    • Single Sign-On (SSO) : Kerberos and (pro version) Microsoft Active Directory
  • Native support for mobility (iOS, Android,..) in push mode.

Blue Mind Key Benefits

  • Functionality: Rich functionality and scalability.
  • Simplicity: easy installation, administration and graphical updates.
  • UI/UX: modern, lean, user-friendly and reactive interface that people love.
  • Innovation: third generation web technology; offline mode managed directly in the browser (no plugin required).
  • Infrastructure: multi-tenant, multi-server, multi-domain infrastructure, hierarchical storage, high availability, incremental backup.
  • Open: server plugin, Web Services API covering the whole functional perimeter, integrated message-oriented middleware (MOM) with SDKs for each component.
  • Free Software License: AGPL v.3

Real Client Benefits

  • Lower costs.
  • Email secured (Open Source code, free licence, European editor, local hosting).
  • Fast user adoption.
  • Application speed and rich functionality.
  • Straight-forward update process (a few clicks, a few minutes) and deployments (connectors updated automatically, no more fat clients required, just standard Web browsers with zero plugins, etc.).
  • Independence from large suppliers (Microsoft, IBM, Google, etc.).
Video Presentation

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BlueMind Open Source

Get all the benefits of a genuine Open Source solution that you can install and manage by yourself:

BlueMind Professional Services

Enterprise Edition

Subscribe to the editor's BlueMind Professional Solution service offer that includes:

  • The Blue Mind Open Source software
  • Warranty and editor support from BlueMind
  • Graphical update tools
  • Migration tools to major updates
  • Additional components (Outlook & Active Directory connectors...), etc.

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Additional Services

  • Consulting and architecture design
  • BlueMind installation and deployment
  • Migration from your current system (Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Zimbra, Google, etc.)
  • Customized antispam and antivirus
  • SSL encryption
  • High availability
  • Automatic daily backups
  • Infrastructure Support and monitoring

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