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Who are we?

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Enterprise Solutions

Your challenge

So many organizations, large and small, are still attempting to take control of their technology and information system. Since any department depends upon other departments, vertical information systems must ensure they can all communicate with each other.

The solutions proposed by the software industry are almost always very expensive to deploy, run and maintain. Moreover, these solutions limit you to a framework where your organization must often accept full compliance to restrictive terms and conditions.

Our mission

Savoir-faire Linux - Enterprise Solutions's mission is:

  • to provide you with open source solutions to answer the increasingly demanding market,
  • to provide you with an enterprise-class solution with customized features,
  • to give you the opportunity to acquire the most highly integrated MIS system,
  • to guarantee you the lowest TCO and greatest ROI.

Our proposal

Savoir-faire Linux Enterprise Solutions will  enable you to build your own information system so meeting your specific needs, requirements, business processes and market.

Savoir-faire Linux base its solutions on open technologies and projects in various fields:

Since 1999, we have been listening to the needs of our customers and adding value to their open source enterprise solutions so they may expand and grow. It is also our willingness to understand your problems that will enable us together to improve your information system in the same way.

Additionally, we maintain an in-depth knowledge of software technology availability through the open source communities. Our on-going relationships with these communities enable us to bring you the best specialists in the world on these cutting-edge technologies.

In conclusion, since you will be receiving more than just a piece of software from Savoir-faire Linux enterprise solutions, you will henceforth remain seated firmly in control of your information system and its components - and will no more face enforced and expensive upgrades.

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