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Design, development and implementation of the smart connected device dedicated to remotely monitoring and managing water consumption through smartphones and other connected devices.

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  • User experience (UX)
  • Interface Design (UI)
  • Front-end Development
  • Back-end Development
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  • Project Management



This start-up contacted Savoir-faire Linux for its expertise in the development of information systems, cloud architecture and user interfaces, in order to develop their product.
The Product Engineering team of Savoir-faire Linux worked on this project.


The development of this confidential client’s intelligent valve is a demanding, attractive and passionate project for Savoir-faire Linux. The establishment of the partnership with this client allowed Savoir-faire Linux to not only make an impact on the product itself but also to participate in a project aligned with its environmental policy!

This demanding project required a diverse range of solutions from experts at Savoir-faire Linux :

  • Define the device’s electrical system needs
  • Implement firmware for the device in order to control the valve
  • Develop the device’s embedded software
  • Develop a cloud platform
  • Implement an API to communicate with the platform
  • Design and develop a user interface to control and manage the valves

The data of all the devices are collected and transmitted to databases hosted on the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Hence, the Web application developed with Ember.js interfaces with the AWS platform though the API to allow the user to communicate with the valves.

Through the web interface, users can generate water consumption reports and configure rules in order to automate the opening and closing of the valve at a specific moment.



  • Assistance provided to the client's teams
  • Acquired Node.js competence
  • Training of the teams on the product development and the technologies used
  • Assistance in the product and company’s development
  • Assistance in the implementation into production of the product