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Open position

Systems Software Consultant

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Job offer

Savoir-faire Linux is looking for the very best of the Systems-level Software Engineers in Montreal! Join a team who, like you is creative, passionate, and leading the technology curve. Are you in?

Position description

  • Position : Linux Embedded Systems Software Consultant
  • Starting date : ASAP
  • Annual wage : To be negotiated
  • Type : Permanent
  • Location : Montreal
  • Mobility : Yes
  • Languages : French and English


The Systems Software Engineer participates in all stages of development of system applications — from requirement definition, programming, verification and validation, to documentation of the applications. Specifically, the Systems Software Engineer is expected to:.

  • Design, code and integrate software for Linux targets;
  • Prepare system specifications, ranging from functional to non-functional based on the specifications charts provided by clients;
  • Define the system architecture in order to indicate clearly how the system will ensure the proper operation of the various functional requirements;
  • Define internal and external interfaces to the system for linkage and the nature of the data exchanged;
  • Define GUI man-machine interface (MMI) used in the system;
  • Perform unit tests and participate in the product integration;
  • Participate in design reviews and in the improvement of the development process;
  • Collaborate with testing and technical support teams to identify and solve problems;
  • Document the work thoroughly;
  • Evaluate schedules for given tasks;
  • Contribute to their open-source project of choice.


Willingness to learn, passion for software and problem-solving, interest in Linux, open-source and contribution to society. These are the primary qualifications.

Other qualifications we are looking for make a great Systems Software engineer:

  • Master in software engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering or equivalent;
  • Strong knowledge of C and C++ languages;
  • Usage of debugger, profiler and other necessary tools;
  • Knowledge of Java;
  • Strong knowledge of embedded Linux distributions (Buildroot, OpenWRT, Yocto, etc.);
  • Full usage of GIT;
  • Knowledge of typical communication and contribution practices in open source projects (deposits, mailing lists, patches, packages, etc.);
  • Knowledge of the anatomy of the Linux kernel, its various sub-systems, and the programming methods of different classes of drivers;
  • Sound understanding of the user-side programming on Linux (system calls, POSIX functions, glibc, etc.);
  • Ability to find creative and effective solutions to new problems and to cope with available tools;
  • Ability to write effective and reusable code according to best practices;
  • Ability to work within a team environment;
  • Motivated, engaged, responsible, and autonomous.


  • Bilingual (English/French)
  • Knowledge of Lua, Python and Web languages (JS/CSS/HTML);
  • Experience with the typical tools of Electrical Engineering (logic analyzer, multimeter, oscilloscope, welding, etc.).

Since 1999, Savoir-faire Linux is the leading provider of training, consulting, development and support services on free and open source software with about 80 consultants available in Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa! Agile, the company has over 20 ScrumMaster certified employees in his team. Concerned with the quality of its projects and their environmental impact, Savoir-faire Linux is certified ISO 9001 since 2009 and ISO 14001 since 2011.

Savoir-faire Linux relies primarily on the expertise and professionalism of its consultants. Each of them has to his credit a proven track record in business interventions. Savoir-faire Linux consultants speak the same language as their customers, understand their needs and the peculiarities of their environment and have a clear view of issues relating their systems profitability and performance.

Our employees will tell you

Why work at SFL?


"Because we work in open source software, it is the first reason... involving all the others behind..."

—  Thibault Cohen, Python web application development


"At Savoir-faire Linux, I learned more technically in one day than in my previous job in four years."

—  Vincent de Grandpré, system administration expertise center


"Because here, we have the Hacker mindset, almost as much as Richard Stallman!"

—  Hussein Abdallah, system administration expertise center


"Because at SFL, we are a merry band of geeks, and when comes the end of the day, the Social Club has always good ideas! "

—  Thomas Detoux, Java web application development


"For we are engaged. We work on collaborative projects and we have access to highly technical projects."

—  Christophe Villemer, executive vice-president


"It's not a bank here. We work in a relaxed atmosphere."

—  Vivien Didelot, embedded development


"Right in area Jean-Talon Market and Little Italy (SFL Montreal), we have plenty of choice when it comes to eat!"

—  Alexandre Savard, embedded development


Additional Benefits

  • Yes you get paid to develop free software!
  • You are supported and even encouraged to contribute to open source projects.
  • You receive top notch trainings and can even act as a trainer yourself.
  • You have access to highly technical low-level projects.
  • You team with outstanding people from five continents.
  • We bring together more open source specialists than any other firm in Quebec!