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Who We Are

ISO 9001-ISO 14001An outstanding team of near 100 Free Software consultants based in Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa, providing since 1999 training, consulting, development and support services on open source technologies. » Read more

Environmental Policy

ISO 14001 Certified SystemFree software promotes reusing and recycling of computer code, thus minimizing the negative economic and environmental impacts related to its development. As a leader of the free software industry in Canada and holding an ISO 14001 certification since 2011, Savoir-faire Linux is committed to sustainable development and environmental protection.

  • Environmental Commitments
    Savoir-faire Linux pledges to use, promote, develop and provide its customers with products and services that minimize software development efforts and their impact on the environment. Learn how. »»»
  • Environmental Targets
    In order to continuously improve its environmental performance, Savoir-faire Linux sets specific targets annually to minimize the pollution of air, water and soil caused by its activities. See our environmental targets. »»»
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